Monday, June 01, 2009

Initial Layouts:

Here's a cover illustration I did for the dutch comicmagazine 'Paper'.
(Check out their site at ) .
The idea behind the cover was to display the 'joy of reading comics'. I did 2 quick layouts, the more dynamic one was chosen (yay!).

Because I didn't really like my last color experiment (Sultan, below), I tried to come up with a more traditional look (though still done digitally, I need my CNTRL-Z!). I ended up doing almost everything with the Chalk Tool in Painter IX, which gave it a nice and gritty look.

More stuff coming soon!



FairyFaye said...


Ramon C. said...

Nice one Ed!

Cheers, Ramon

o.O' said...

Leuk zeg, de gekozen afbeelding is er erg vrolijk uit gekomen.
Ook goed te zien dat je de oudere afbeeldingen opnieuw upload hebt.

(Word Verification: "tease" !??)

Juan Bauty said...

Great work, man!!