Friday, January 28, 2011

Scifi Thumbnails - Part 1

Here's a lineup of thumbnails I finished yesterday, again done in marker/pen, and greyscaled in photoshop. These quick sketches allow me to get a feel for the project as a whole; doing quick takes on a number of locations that'll hopefully feel interesting enough to explore. Already working on the 2nd batch, stay tuned :)


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Environment Concept

I'm currently hard at work to develop a unique style & look for a personal scifi project, it's good to be working in pen and marker again! Above some visual development for an Intelligence room, part of a bioshock-like submerged military complex set in the 50s. Done with pen/marker, and greyscaled in photoshop.

For those interested, pen/markersketch can be found here

More stuff coming up!


Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Art!

Hey everyone! Here's my first artistic endeavour of the year, but before I elaborate on it, some other stuff:

1. A big THANK YOU! goes out to Blogs of Note for putting my humble blog on their list, and by doing so directing a rediculous amount of people here!:S It's defenitely very motivating to read all your comments, forgive me for not having responded to all messages and questions yet, I'm still getting to them as things have been quite busy for me lately.
2. I finally updated my Cartoon Blog aswell, I did 7 new pendrawings during my christmas break, take a look at
3. Also, make sure you visit the blog of good friend and collegue Daniel Ernst at, if you like my stuff, well, you'll love his! :)

About the painting:
It's a miracle I managed to finish it, as this image has been on my harddrive for months. I hardly go back to images I've lost interest in, but I opened up this one during my christmas holidays, and decided to make one last effort. The image is a result of me playing too many games like TombRaider and Uncharted, which inspired me to come up with this image. My goal was to create an image that would introduce my own temple looting character, and also show a glympse of possible gameplay. I struggled most with the background and how to get the perspective right, it wasn't untill I tilted the horizon that things started to look like something :)
I'm also still looking for a cool name for this character, so if you have a suggestion, let me know! :D


EDIT 09-02-2011: An AWESOME 5 page comic story was written around this character by Shaun at! Check it out here !