Monday, October 15, 2012

Demo Reel 2012

As said I'll be attending CTN this year, so I decided to put together a demoreel with some of my work. Enjoy! :) -Edwin

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Character Sketches

And some more pensketches for some of the orphan kids running (and driving!) around in my story. Feedback much appreciated, thanx! -Ediwn


Layout stuff for my Giant project :)

Project Giant, Trippel Trappel and more!

Busy as usual, but here's a quick update on things!

Trippel Trappel
Well, pre-production has finally begun on the Dutch Feature Animation movie 'Trippel Trappel' at the Anikey Studio! I'm currently having a blast doing lots of visual development work for this movie, and what's even cooler is that I'm able to combine it with my themepark work on the Adventure World Warsaw project. Pretty darn cool!

Another big thing coming up is the recruiting event  CTN in Los Angeles this november, and guess who's finally going! I'll be attending this awesome animation event together with friend and collegue Wouter Tulp, can't wait to meet you all there! They even created a cool profile of me at the CTN website , check it out here !

Ah, and then there's some new stuff I've been doing for my personal project, which I simply dubbed 'Giant' for the time being. Above paintings were meant as quick explorations regarding style and mood, aprox. 2 to 4 hours each. Oh, and  kudos to friend and skilled jetpack builder Jeffrey for coming up with the logo!
I also updated my portfolio site, be sure to check it out!

Did you know I have an online sketchbook aswell? It's linked to my instagram account, and can be found here: 

More stuff coming up!