Monday, March 23, 2009

Dominance Wars IV Update

Hey guys, here's quick update on things.

I've currently started work on the Main Challenge for Dominance Wars, check my thread and development sketches here:

Some development sketches:

I'm also still struggling to switch providers, which I hope to have sorted out within a week (which would mean all images in my blog will be visible again.)

Important: those wanting to contact me can email me at , my only email currently still working! *sigh*


Monday, March 02, 2009

Dominance Wars IV!

I'm currently participating in one of the biggest online artcontests on the internet called 'Dominance Wars IV', below my entry for their warm-up 2D Challenge. The assignment was to create a 'Warcommander portrait', so I came up with 'Junior'.:D

The backstory behind the character is that he's quite a bad-ass on the battlefield, but has a softspot for his mother, and carries her photo everywhere. :P I added a cheesy frame to my entry to add to the backstory, as the frame might sit on his mother's nightstand or something :P
The frame was a bit of a rushjob, but considering the deadline I'm still happy the way it turned out :)

For an overview of the competetion, please visit
My entry and votingpage can be found at

Voting starts March 6th, all votes are much appreciated! :p