Friday, August 08, 2014

Bladerunner - Redesign

Here's my take on redesigning the world of Bladerunner. Done as part of the Facebook group 'Brainstorm', where weekly challenges are posted.

Really enjoyed working in this somewhat more realistic style, hopefully more to follow soon.


Themepark Visuals

Adventure Cove -  Sunken City
Terra Inventa Avenue

Adventure Cove - Treasure Trail
Adventure Cove - Dark Water Ride
These past few years I did quite a lot of theme park work, but due to NDA's the images I can not show in my portfolio. 

Therefore, I decided to start developing my own theme park as a portfolio project, which has been a lot of fun sofar! Above the first 4 visuals I did, fleshing out the  'Adventure Cove' and 'Terra Inventa' areas. 

I've been referring to this project jokingly as 'Edventure World' to friends,  a name I'll keep until I come up with something better (which shouldn't be too hard, ha!).


Swamp Maffia - Pensketches

Hi all!
I've been working on a ton of new stuff, in quite a wide range of styles. One of my favourite projects to work on is still my Swamp Maffia project, which we're trying to develop as an animated short. 

Above 3 rather rough concepts to flesh out our frog town 'Undertow City', sketched directly in pen on paper and grey scaled in photoshop. 

I thought I'd put up some snapshots of the pensketches aswell to give some insight in my work process. Next step in the process after grey scaling would be to create a tight line drawing, and flesh out everything in more detail. 

More stuff coming up!