Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gameville - Triumph Studios Tour

Any of you ever heard of 'GameVille'? I hadn't actually, not before this dutch gameprogram showed up at our studio, putting together a featurette on Triumph Studios. :) Me and some of my collegues get interviewed, it's shows my workspace (above) and some closeups of my artwork (Gameplaysketches / Overlord thumbnails / Elf / Blue evil Overlord). :P

It aired this afternoon on RTL 4, but I forgot to watch it.....doh! Long live the wonderful world of internet TV! Check out my ugly mug at

It's in dutch though, but it should give a good impression of the studio nonetheless :)
And now, back to things that DO matter, more art! :D


Junaid said...

Leuk om te zien dat er ook eventjes wat aandacht wordt besteed aan de concept art afdeling :)

Tom van der Linden said...

Dat was kort, maar krachtig! Grappig om eens bij jullie in het kantoor te kijken, ziet er gezellig uit!

Captain Opium said...
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