Monday, September 23, 2013



I thought I'd finally post this one. I started it many months ago, but never got around finishing it until today. I wanted to create a single image that would capture my entire 'Giant' project in one shot, and show how much potential the story would have for the big screen. Defenitely hope to one day flesh out this project in either a book or animation;  for now enjoy the image and keep your fingers crossed it'll one day become that big project :)


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

CGMA Masterclass

Style exploration TV studio
Overview Food Court

Rough sketches - Main Characters

Rough sketches - Side Characters

Workbook sketches

Storybeats B&W
Storybeat Color

Style Exploration

Hi guys!
These last 2 months I haven't exactly been updating my blog alot, above the reason why! The images above were done as part of the online CGMA masterclass 'Environment sketching for production', as instructed by the wonderful Armand Serrano. This class basically took me and my fellow classmates through a fictive animation production, including coming up with your own script, creating mood & styleboards,  rough sketching, storybeats, switching styles (so much fun!), and much much more.

My story synopsis:

When the Mars Rover finally returns to earth, he brings with him a botanic plague that may cause the end of the world.

During a live television broadcast on CNN, NASA proudly shows samples of Marsian rock. The broadcast goes haywire when one of the presenters accidentally knocks over a glass of water, which is quickly absorbed by the  alien rock, causing it to explosively grow botanic tentacles. 

In a matter of minutes the whole TV studio is overgrown with weird looking veins & plants, which is only the start of a turn of events that may lead to the end the world as we know it.

Yep, and that's why I never became a writer :)
Anyway, I had alot of fun, learned alot, and met some great people. I want to thank Armand for his amazing class, I could not have wished for a better instructor.

More stuff coming up!