Monday, June 13, 2011

Space Cowboys - Alien takeover!

Here's some more Space Cowboys character development, showing the big masterplan of the aliens; by designing their spaceships as cowboy hats, they're able to gradually take over the wild west town 1 by 1.....preeetttty clever uh? :D

Done in pencil & greyscaled in photoshop, more stuff soon!


Saturday, June 04, 2011

Space Cowboys - Character Development

Well, finally another update! I've been working hard on freelance projects, but now that my schedule is clearing up a bit, I'm back at work on my personal projects aswell, yay!

I've picked up my Spacecowboy project again, for which I posted some charactersketches a while back.
I figured my cowboy character needed a horse to ride (yes, I know, I'm a strong conceptual thinker :P), so the last couple of days I focussed on character development for the main characters' horse.

Most of the poses and emotions in the sketches come from the fact that the horse and cowboy will be encountering alot of aliens, hence lots of falling/being beamed up poses :) All sketches were done directly in pen, with a 'mircoschrijver' from the 'HEMA'. Dutch people will know what I mean. :P

I've already finished another batch of pencilsketches for this project, and also some digital plein air sketches I've been doing around The Hague on my macbook, I'll be sure to put them up here in the next couple of days as well.:)