Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Floodliners - Environments

Here are 3 more images I did for my Floodliners project. It's alot of fun trying to come up with locations for a world that is mostly flooded :)

- First image is a visualisation of a trading post, where big shipwrecks have gotten new meaning. Goods being traded mostly consist of drinkingwater, food and gasoline/oil.
- Second image shows a foodcargo being unloaded, heavily guarded as fresh food has become highly valuable, and mostly reserved for local crimebosses.
- Third image shows a floating market, with 2 huge ships in the background that act as its landmark (=making floating city visible from afar, as seen in the 1st image) Oh, and the girl in the foreground is a hint at how the player characters may look, I hope to explore the style of the characters some more real soon.

All images were drawn directly in photoshop.

More stuff on the way, feedback welcome! :)


Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Here's an environment piece I've been doing for my personal project, which I've now officially dubbed 'Floodliners' (=name for the people living along the floodlines).

As you can see I'm steering away from the high scifi look I initially started with in my previous thumbnails. I've decided to go for a more post-apocalyptic world, where tsunamis have flooded most of the lands, causing land to become extremely vaulable (=reason for conflict between factions).

Above, an idea I had for the lair of one of the local crimebosses; a cruiseship that got stuck between the rocks during The Great Flood, now the perfect place to monitor who comes in and out of the harbour.

I've also started work on a floating city (= where I'll be able to reuse some of the chinatown ideas from my previous post), so stay tuned :)


Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Scifi Thumbnails - Part 2

Here's some more stuff, some work I've been doing on Chinatown. I'm trying to capture the atmosphere as found in a city like Bangkok, combined with a bladerunner type of feel. Next update: tomorrow! :)


EDIT 04/02/2011: Added the 3rd image, another concept done to flesh out chinatown. More stuff in a couple of days! :)