Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Project 'Shine' - Story Development

Hi guys!
Above some story development work I did for (yet another) personal project which I dubbed 'Shine'.

I based my story on the hard times in the US during The Great Depression;

During the '30s, financial times were hard in the US, and people went bankrupt overnight on Black Tuesday. Not due to a collapsing stockmarket though, but by an all consuming  depression cloud that hovered into town.....It's upto a simple shoeshine boy to put a smile on everyones faces once again....

Preeeeeetty awesome outline, riiiiight?


*sigh* I know, i know, I'm no writer, but I DO love to draw stories, so that's why I create short outlines like these to get me going on a project. From here, I can start thinking about characters, side characters, environments, etc. I've also started designing some of the sets already, which I hope to put up here soon aswel.

Above thumbnails were drawn directly in pen, with values added in photoshop. At this stage, it's all about getting my initial ideas onto paper as quickly as possible, and not get caught up in trying to make things look pretty. :)

For those interested, check out my Instagram Sketchbook to see some snapshots of the original pensketches in my sketchbook.

That's it again for today, more stuff coming soon!

Back to work,

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Environment design - Workflow

Step 1 - Lineart
Step 2 - Values & Lighting Design
Step 3 - Color

Hi all,

I've been doing alot of 2D background layouts for the Dutch 2D feature film 'Trippel Trappel' currently in development at Anikey Studios these last couple of months, which has brought my focus back to doing lineart environments, instead of the painted ones I usually post.

Therefore I did the above environment just for fun, and to give you a little bit of insight on how I currently work.

Especially going from greyscale to color is something I've finally figured out how to do, thanks to the wonderful workflow process posted on the blog of Armand Serrano.  Check out his tutorial here.

It comes down to coloring in your greyscale drawing with your photoshop layer set to 'color', instead of multiply or overlay. Yup, it's that simple. :D

Back to work,

Project 'Shine' - Character Sketches

Here are some character thumbnails done for my personal project which I dubbed 'Shine' revolving around The Great Depression ('30s) in New York. Check out my Instagram Sketchbook for even more work done for this project :)