Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bird Woman

Pencil sketch:
Here's something I did last week, sketch done in pencil, colors with Painter IX. I'll post up the sketch tomorrow ok!

Update 22/06: And here's the pencilsketch! :) As I've been doing more often lately, I've used a blue 'col erase' Sanford pencil to do the initial sketch, and did the tighter pencilsketch on top of this. The blue I filtered out in photoshop, leaving the pencilsketch as shown above.

More stuff coming soon!



Juan Bauty said...
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Juan Bauty said...

Awesome! as ussual!! i love your work and i love how you use Painter!
(ups, sorry for the deleted message of above, was an error!!)

wallie said...

Schitterend werk. Hopelijk binnenkort meer en in de toekomst je eigen strip?

aitem said...


nick visser said...

ik wacht op een update! :)

cjboy123 said...

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muhammadrazzaq50 said...
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