Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Witches on the move!

I've been reading 'The Witches' of Roald Dahl lately, which inspired me to draw up these witches on the move, enjoy! :)

More stuff coming soon!


Elena F. said...

i've been poking around ur blog abit...and i just wanted to say i love ur stuff...keep up the awesome work!

Daniƫl Ernst said...

Nice Stuff man! Very cool to see it grow into a final design!

riq said...

I saw your newest stuff over at penciljack and had to see more.. Great stuff man..

I've been watching your work over the years and penciljack.. I'm glad I finally checked out your website.

I'm watching your blog now, and I gave you a link on my own blog. Check it out sometime.


rhemrev said...

Elena: thanx! Poked around at your blog aswell and left a comment!Consider yourself bookmarked! :)

Daniel: as always, I'm humbled you still find time to write comments on my blog..you da man! :D

Riq: hehe, cool to hear you know my work from back in the day...penciljack was the first board I ever posted my work, it'll always be dear to my heart :) I'll b sure to check your blog righ aways!

redfrog said...

Fantastic! Love it