Sunday, April 19, 2009

Circus Parade!

I'm currently not getting as much personal work done as I would like to, due to crunchtime at work and my wrist acting up again.

But, today was a good day, above sketch was the result. It's a sketch that started out as a scribble in front of the tv, and ended up being the rather weird parade as it is :)

More happy news: I made it through the first round with my DominanceWar Entry, YAY! :D

My characterdesign came out 7th (out of 97), with the first 8 entries progressing on to the next round (I only barely made it, I know, but that what makes it so cool! :D). Check all finalists here:

I'm also still working on the Main Challenge, for which I hope to have some updated characterdesign sketches for my Giant soon.



marcelo dalla said...

Perfect!!!! Good week for you!!!

Tom van der Linden said...

Hey Edwin,

Cool om weer zo'n cartooneske schets te zien, het plezier spat ervan af!

En gefeliciteerd met je toelating tot de volgende ronde bij de Dominance War contest! Succes daarmee :)

redfrog said...

Hah! Love it! The monkeys are particularly awesome!