Sunday, March 14, 2010


I've never done much with comics, cartoons, or any other form of sequential, as an experiment I started doing quick cartoons in pen about myself....... and it was SO MUCH FUN! :D

But, as i didn't want to flood this blog, I've set up a COMPLETELY NEW BLOG! YAY! :D

URL to bookmark:

Ofcourse, I also had to do a cartoon about you, the readers and followers of my blog *evil laughter*:
I've done about 15 cartoons sofar, let me know what you think! GO GO GO GO! :D


P.s. Of course all my other work I'll keep posting right here at rhemdoodles! :D


Lindsey Lydecker said...

haha read the whole thing. You're so silly, but awesome.
love the doodlies
- Linds

rhemrev said...

Ha, that sums it up righ there, 'silly but awesome' :D Thanx L! :)

JaiVin said...

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