Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life happens when making other plans

Each day I go to work by subway, and as I exit the subway station I pass by this oddly located workspace, situated at the start of the escalator at subway station 'Spui', The Hague.

I didn't notice it for weeks, probably like most of the thousands ands thousands of commuters that pass by this guys office, day in, day out. As I took a peek through the blinds, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of sadness; a rather old man was sitting behind his tiny screen, boxed in by walls.

That feeling of sadness and isolation I've tried to capture in above 3 location visuals.

I added the palmtree poster to give it some more story ('life happens when making other plans' sorta speak), the empty planning board and yellow ticketbox were actually there IRL aswell. :)
A subtle visual joke are the vertical blinds, which I set up to resemble prisonbars, making him look like a captured animal in the zoo. :)

Dedicated to the man under the escalator!



Kelley said...

How awful for him, but I do love your interpretation of it!

Just curious...because I really enjoy seeing all your posts and especially like the style of your pieces...are you doing this all in photoshop? What is your process?

Anonymous said...
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cornelis j. said...

meestal ga je voorbij in de drukte van de dagelijkse gang, dit heb je mooi geobserveerd en weergegeven, opnieuw petje af!

Lindsey Lydecker said...

awww edwin. This is so sad, but i must say the images you created are beauftil. I imagine he goes home to a loving whife and kids each night and has lots of joy in his life <3

wonderful illustrations, just stunning!

Patrick said...

Brilliant weergegeven Edwin. leuk dat je er ook meerdere hebt gemaakt.

FairyFaye said...

Erg leuk! (en ook weer triest) - Het concept vind ik wel erg leuk en persoonlijk. ps. Spot ik daar nou een verticale glimlach??

Karina Gazizova said...

amazing stuff, love the composition and color!!!

rhemrev said...

Kelley: thanx! As far as my workproces: I usually start with pensketches on paper, and scan these rough layouts into photoshop. There I mostly use the selectiontool + a custom chalklike brush to create the shapes with.

For this particular project I also used 3d modelling to set up my basic scene, to see if this would actually be faster then doing it by hand. In the end it wasn't, but it did enable me with coming up with the exact camera angle I wanted. So there you have it, hope this helps :) Ifyou have other questions, feel free to conctact me by email :)

Cor: Het was indd weer eens wat anders, ga dit zeker meer doen!

Lindsey: haha, you've been watching 1 too many spielberg movies! But that woudl sure be a happy ending to his day!

Patrick: dank! Jah, ik kon niet kiezen, dus heb ik alle 3 de layouts maar gemaakt :)

FairyFaye: Thanx, ik merk dat dat persoonlijke ook echt aankomt bij mensen, of meer het 'normale' van de weer eens wat anders dan superhelden en leuke beestjes :) Ik zie geen verticale glimlach?

Karina: You ROCK! I'm a little starstruck that you would comment on my artpost! Yay! Did I mention I LOVE your work?:D

Lindsey Lydecker said...

im a happy ending kind of gal ^_^

showed these to some co-workers and they thought they were really great paintings sir.

Anonymous said...
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Artoonator said...

Moooi! Lekker dramatisch zo, die volgorde van verbeelden.

rhemrev said...

Lind: really? Tell them they're all officially my friends now :D

Artoonator: thanx! Hopelijk binnenkort tijd voor meer van dit type omgevings platen :)

JaiVin said...

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