Monday, January 11, 2010

Imagine FX Cover Competition

Didn't think I'd make it, but I actually managed to make the deadline of the artcontest over at, yay! :D

The challenge was to design your own cover image for their mag. It took me aprox 12 hours to paint the image, based on the Messy Monster sketch I did earlier.

I did change the initial sketch quite a bit, as I really wanted to convey the monster as 'creative chaos in action' :) I tried to keep the focus of the image around the monsters head, taking into account that at a later stage text & headlines could be added to the sides.

Fun stuff that's in there includes my laptop, wacom, a cat, mario and luigi hats (Nintendo nerds unite!), a box of crayons, a toilet seat, and some more stuff you'll have to find for yourself :)

Mainly done in photoshop, with a little touch of Painter's Chalk tool for the cool grain fx :)



ThomasHjorthaab said...

THAT is great! awesome stuff...
can I ask which programs you use for illustration, cause I'm pretty lost in all that amazing software that's out there...

- Thomas

Thiago Amormino said...

Parabéns pelo seu trabalho. Descobri seu blog casualmente pelo DevianArt e agora acompanho todos os dias ancioso por novos trabalhos.

Até mais.

*Thiago Amormino

Mike Exner III said...

Edwin, your art is absolutely incredible, and this is no exception. What a wonderful progression from the original drawing. You have a new follower, sir!

FairyFaye said...

Nice work!! On the cover! Whohoo :D

Junaid said...

Heel nice werk wederom! Heb inmiddels ook eindelijk Overlord II aangeschaft, heel vet om je werk terug te zien in de game!

Chris said...

Hij's gaaf geworden, Edwin!

Succes met de wedstrijd!

rhemrev said...

Thomas: Thanx! I mainly use Photoshop, but for this drawing I also used the 'Chalk' Tool of Corel Painter X, as it leaves a very nice grain effect. I'd suggest picking up photoshop first if you're new to this, as it also has a very powerful Brush creator :) Good luck!

Thiago: I Don't speak italian, but thanx for your comment anyway! :)

Mike: thank you so much, appreciate it! See you on the boards! :)

FairyFaye: The art will only be on the cover if I win the competition, but fat chance in that happening, as they got literally hundreds of entries....but I'm glad you can already see it happening :P

Junaid: Yeah, Overlord 2! :D Veel concepts indd voor gedaan, Overlord Kid en Florian als mn favo concepts denk ik! Oh, en check ook de Facility (green minion mission), daar ook het hele complex voor gemodeled en getextured! :P

Chris: Dank! Ik wiill diieee cintiiiiiiq winneeeeen! :D

cornelis j. said...

thumbs crossed for the cintiq! for me, you've earned it already but I'm biased!

MJC *-* said...

Wooowww really nice! Thanks for following me