Monday, December 28, 2009

Overlord 2 - Character Concepts

Well, hell has finally frozen over, as more concept images of Overlord 2 have finally been released! Above a compilation of some of the character concepts I worked on during this gameproject. Stuff is at least 1 year old, but it's cool to be able to show it to you guys nonetheless. :)

View the full list of new images at, with awesome work from fellow partners in crime Daniel Ernst , Gilles Ketting , Sjan Weijers and Chris Evenhuis.

Next: my long overdue christmas card! :P



redfrog said...

Fantastic designs! I am a big fan of the stuff you did for Overlord 2.
Great designs with a touch of humour.

David said...

Nice designs!

Frog God said...

The art of Overlord book (game 1&2)

Overlord 3
-modern world
-the world of technology Vs the world of magic
-ghost minions (posses things/fly through things)

rhemrev said...

Hmm, what's the deal with all these Frog people on my blog...:P

riq said...

awesome character sketches.


Gerald said...

Wow, realy nice sketches!

Greetings from germany

rhemrev said...

Thanx Gerald, hope you enjoyed the game aswell!


Anonymous said...

I'm Busy Playing OverLord II!
I LOVE THE GAMES! and the caracter are AWESOME!

Asim said...

Woah, Very well made. I love the last image on this post.
Great job.