Saturday, August 08, 2009

Darkness/Witchblade - Pencils

Here's something a little different then usual. I used to really be into reading and drawing comicbooks, but as time passed by my interests shifted towards concept design and gamedevelopment. As I was cleaning my room last week, I came across a big cardboard box under my bed,filled with all the comics I used to collect.

I started re-reading quite alot of them, which inspired me to do the above illustration. It features the 2 maincharacters of 2 Topcow Comics; Witchblade and The Darkness. Apologies for making the Darklings (the little guys in the picture) look like minions, guess that comes with the job of working on Overlord 1 and 2 for the last couple of years :D

This illustration was done with a blue non col-erase pencil for the undersketch, with tight pencils done with a HB technical pencil. Papersize is A4, which was big enough for this nostalgic piece of fanart :P

I also have a colored version coming up, aswell as a batch of story thumbnails I've been working on, but more on that later this week. :)



Anonymous said...

Action packed. I love the composition. Great Job.

Riahna "REMY" Malay said... this on the TC board. It's really great!

rhemrev said...

thanx guys!
Riahna:Yeah, I wanted to wait till I finished the colored version aswell and post them together on the forum, but posting the pencil already might be not such a bad idea already....thanx! :)