Sunday, July 19, 2009


Quick Color Pencil
Here's the Pirate Parade I mentioned earlier, which was alot of fun to do! I can't find the time to color the whole thing, but I did slap on some basic colors to pop out the silhouets. Focus was to do a piece with some more movement and dynamic poses, less about characterdesign....looking at it now, I probably shoud've pushed the Pirate theme much more. Oh well. :)

I also have a photo of a work in progress version, but it's on my camera at work, I'll post that on monday. Now I'm off to play Little Big Planet again.....:D


EDIT 31/08/2009: Better late then never, here's the WIP photo of this illustration:
Happy now, Nick? :P


lostinarc said...

Wonderful creations....great designs pal...keep em comin......

Junaid said...

Oooh pirates! Those are some cool dynamic poses! Keep it up :)

aitem said...


^ _ ^~ 等接下來的作品~

rhemrev said...

lost: thanx man, appreciate it!
Junaid: I can always count on you for dropping by, thanx! :D
Aitem: i have no idea what you said, except for the smileyface :D Set keyboard to english?:P

Junaid said...

Anytime :)

By the way, according to Alta Vista, he said:

"Good lovable, actually does not color also well, pencil's feeling very special (also wants to look at color edition) ^ _ ^~ and so on following work ~"

Dave said...

Awesome stuff. I posted below a while back. I appreciate you sharing your advice on materials and techniques. You should do a book. I'd totally buy it.

chetan said...

I have made a 3d model of ur drawing "Pirate Parade" in maya. Please visit my blog to see it. Please comment.

Pat said...

This is really cool! I like the last picture showing the progress. You go from photo blue to pen or pencil? Very nice work!