Thursday, November 23, 2006

New work...

It's been a while, but here's some new work....I'm currently experimenting alot with both techniques as well as drawing styles, both with character as environment design.

Below some speedpaintings and colorschemes I did for a personal project of a stylized Zelda-like gameworld:

I'm w orking on some more charactersketches, which should be up here in a short while...stay tuned! :)



bronxbt said...

gods man, what incredible work.

again, what applications do you use?

I need to get ma' hands on a wacom tablet and really do some playing, since i'm still jes' restoring my comix as of late (i responded to your comment on my site, BTW)

your work is motivational and gorgeous. is this all from your head? or, i should ask, what are some sources of your inspiration?

i ask that 'cuz the spider painting kinda has a lord of the rings flair to it.. noh, i'm not implying anything... from great sources come even better inspirations in my opinion... i am jes' curious.

be well. and good to see you again!


RSA Course said...

You are so adorable! They looks alive.