Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Here's a creature I did for a small artcontest over at, which came out looking rather 'fuzzy'...:)

The rough sketch was done in pencil, digitally colored in Painter IX. More digital stuff coming soon!



bronxbt said...

my god man, you are incredible.

i love everything from the expression down to the brush strokes you used to create the feeling of soft, yet potentially Bristly fur!?

amazing work. i've avoided fantasy sketches and such for so long.. i can do them, but not even close to the caliber of what you've mastered.

amazing work.
do share more!

Klein said...

Awesome, love the rendering of the hard and soft edges..
prima stijltje !

Doctor Jones said...

Nice Work!

Klaas Kuperus said...

Great, again! The color in this one is superb, even reminds me of 'Monsters Inc.' to be honest.

Klaas Kuperus said...

Two weeks have passed... ;)