Friday, August 08, 2014

Themepark Visuals

Adventure Cove -  Sunken City
Terra Inventa Avenue

Adventure Cove - Treasure Trail
Adventure Cove - Dark Water Ride
These past few years I did quite a lot of theme park work, but due to NDA's the images I can not show in my portfolio. 

Therefore, I decided to start developing my own theme park as a portfolio project, which has been a lot of fun sofar! Above the first 4 visuals I did, fleshing out the  'Adventure Cove' and 'Terra Inventa' areas. 

I've been referring to this project jokingly as 'Edventure World' to friends,  a name I'll keep until I come up with something better (which shouldn't be too hard, ha!).



cornelis said...

it took a while, but then you have something special, again !!

scruffy said...

i rather like the Edventure name. Makes a good brand.

Cristal said...

It would be so great to have a theme park like that. Love the pirates cemetery one, awesome!