Monday, June 13, 2011

Space Cowboys - Alien takeover!

Here's some more Space Cowboys character development, showing the big masterplan of the aliens; by designing their spaceships as cowboy hats, they're able to gradually take over the wild west town 1 by 1.....preeetttty clever uh? :D

Done in pencil & greyscaled in photoshop, more stuff soon!



Elina Ellis said...

Very clever and funny!!!

thepowmill said...

Cool , how else could you take control of a cowboy?

trace minerals said...

No doubt i believe these creatures, sooner or later an invasion will be made by them.

Ethan Johnson said...

super cool. I'll never wear a cowboy hat again.

Gray said...


cornelis said...

this idea of the space-hat is fantastic! please dont use my hat.
have a graet day tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

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