Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Sale!

I actually colored something, yay! :D I got the idea for this drawing while walking through a clothing store, where it was somewhat of a chaos due to the current summer sale !

As usual, any event that makes any kinda impact on me, I do a 10 minute pensketch to get it out of my system, put it on my cartoonblog , and be done with it. But, somehow I felt this idea was bigger then my cartoonblog, and needed proper treatment! :)

I worked out the layout in non repro bluepencil, did a tighter sketch on top of that with my HB technical pencil, and worked out the colored version in Photoshop.

Sidenote: A friend of mine suggested I should do a wallpaper sized drawing sometime (apparently desktops don't like the tall JPG dimensions I usually present my sketches in), so who am I to deny him a desktop full of shopping girls :P



Anonymous said...

again a great full action humoresque situation!
I like the way you create these figures in motion. But if you're shopping, do you always see slim, well proportioned girls? Or is it wishfull thinking? Still I've watched these with a smile, well done

Joe said...

love your work! Your style and subject matter are really appealing.

Mona said...

This is incredible, I envy you some much your talent, all your drawings are great

JaiVin said...

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Anonymous said...

soo cool luv ur work!!!
ur soo lucky to hav soo much talent!