Monday, June 07, 2010

Environment Layouts

Greyscaled: Original sketches:
I can't watch tv anymore...they just cut me off! Damn you Ziggo! (= a crappy dutch cable tv provider) *shakes fist at the world*

But, having all this spare time now, did force me to do more sketchin' (thanx Ziggo! :D), so here's some stuff I've been working on.

Just to try something new, I thought I'd do something shocking, and play with..... *gasp* ....wide panels! This instead of the 16:9 format I usually tend to work in.

It allowed for some fun experimenting with layout and composition, kinda like animation backgrounds you sometimes see in artbooks.
I also just saw Princess and the Frog (a must buy!), which was the inspiration for some of the scenes here.

Done with a 0.3 inkpen, greyscaled in photoshop.


EDIT 08/06/10: Added the original linesketches for your viewing pleasure :)


Ramon C said...

Very cool man!

Ian McQue said...

you've got a ton of excellent stuff on here, but these might be my favourites.

loving that loose line art style you've got going on.

thanks for sharing!

elisabeth ender said...

I love everything on your blog, just stumbled upon it today, but I will definitely be back to see what else you have in store. Amazing!!

JaiVin said...

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