Friday, January 30, 2009

Overlord 2 Concept Art

Finally I can show you guys some of the concept work I've done for Overlord 2. Our publisher Codemasters only released a few images, so I can post only these for now:

For a complete overview of Overlord 2 concept images, please check out this link:

Hopefully Codemasters will release even more images soon, as some of my favourite (character) designs are not yet among these..:)

More personal work coming soon,


Junaid said...

Erg sfeervol!

Frog God said...

a big fan of the series
1 and 2
will therer be a three?
modern age (magical creatures are myths/ in hiding/ like hellboy2)
harem-collect wemon

the old Overlord (game 1)and the new overlord (game 2) come face to face