Sunday, September 14, 2008

Alias Sketchbook Pro

Hey everyone! I had a GREAT time in greece, and took a ton of inspiration (and about 1600 photo's) home with me! I didn't draw as much as I would've liked overthere, but I plan on doing some stylized greek environents based on the many photos I took, so stay tuned.

On another note: this weekend I got my hands on a copy of Alias' Sketchbook Pro, which turned out to be a program I'll be using often from now on, as it's ideal for digitally sketching and inking. Colors were done in Photoshop. :)

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TimFoto said...

Hej edwin, gaaf om te zien dat er wat vaker wat nieuws op je blog staat! hoe was het in Griekenland? Miste je wel een beetje op de reunie van de drvkkery vant weekend:) was erg gezellig!
Nog steeds aan het werk in de games-development?

Groet Tim van Eenennaam