Sunday, August 24, 2008

Character + Environment Doodles

Hey everybody! Yep, hell has finally frozen over and the fat lady is finally singing, because here's another update! Yay me! :D

Below some sketches and doodles I've been working on:
  • Characters sketches from my sketchbook (Pencil)
  • Monsterpile sketch (Pencil)
  • 2 Treehut color concepts (pen thumbnail painted over in Corel Painter X)
  • Environment thumbnails (done with pen, try to find the Treehut thumbnails! :D) Thumbs are roughly the same size as the originals pensketches.

I've got some more colored stuff, which I'll post within a couple of days ok!

And the reason it took me 8 months to update my blog? I was, and still am, very busy working on the recently announced Xbox360/PS3/PC Game 'Overlord 2'! :D

More info and 2 screenshots can be found at:

Cya in a couple of days!


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Artoonator said...

Mooie spullen! Lekker bezig?