Sunday, September 23, 2007

StrookCovers and more

Here are 2 cover illustrations I did for a smallpress booklet, that will be presented on the Comic Convention in Houten, The Netherlands ( The booklet features a collection of authors, check for more information (not sure if the site is up and running already, but it will be soon :P).

Backcover:Ofcourse the backcover that went to press featured the URL, not my own url....though that would've been smart to do actually....oh well. *sigh*

And another characterdesign, done just for fun:

In stead of the detailed (timeconsuming) painted look, I've been trying to simplify things and go towards a more cellshaded look.....I should have more silly characters up at this blogspot soon! :)


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G1toons said...

you have some really cool designs on your blog, nice work