Monday, February 06, 2012

The Incredibles 2 | Visual Development

Old Enemies

World's Safest City
Stretched Out

Good Old Days
Stars of the Sky Tours
Incredible INC.
Go Away.

Finally I present you guys my top secret personal project: The Incredibles 2!

'WHAT?! Incredibles 2 artwork?! Is Pixar working on a sequel?!'

Well, not exactly. Let me explain.

A couple of months ago I was watching Pixar's 'The Incredibles' again, and started wondering wether a sequel would ever be made, and how awesome it would be to do visual development for such a project.

But, as I don't really have (director) Brad Bird or Pixar on speeddial, I decided to just start development on this fictive project myself, and see where it would lead me.

On the trainride to work I started scribbling down ideas for a possible storyline and doing quick thumbnails to explore some of these ideas visually. I created around 50 thumbnails I think, which I eventually brought down to these 7 images.

As I'm not much of a writer, I'm not going to bother you with the story I based these images around; I would much rather hear your interpretation of these images, and other ideas you'd love to see in a sequel!

It would be great if these images could start a buzz around The Incedibles 2, and have Pixar acually do another one. :)

Feedback, comments and ideas very much appreciated as always.


UPDATE 10/02/2012
My little fan project has defenitely started to create a buzz! Here's a list of websites that have featured my art sofar!


Unknown said...

Dope! If this doesn't convince Pixar to hire the hell out of you Dreamworks sure will :)

Diego DAndrea said...

That's awesome! Loved the compositions.
The Incredibles is definitely one of my all-time favorite animations. It'd be great to see a sequel. But i have no idea about what would the plot be.
Yours looks interesting.. I'm really intrigued about that "Good Old Days" panel. :)

TheBLueMuzzy said...

what i love about this is that your artwork has already laid out a feeling or mood to a sequel that doesn't even exist, but looks like it follows perfectly. better yet is that it has the same slightly dark undertone that the original had and you convey that perfectly. love your environments. i work at nickelodeon as the 3D environment supervisor and could easily get lost for months building Incredible Inc. great work, i hope pixar sees this and hires you for story AND concept art.

Anonymous said...

I had to look at wikipedia to know what it was, those Incredibles! My first thought was "the Thunderbirds" of years ago, but it's quite different. Nevertheless, after visiting the Pixar site, is my conclusion about your concept designs, one word! INCREDIBLE!

Wilbert said...

Hope to work with you soon.

Unknown said...

Superb work, love the energy and the action feel fo the scenes, really fantastic work!

Unknown said...

Awesome, what program do you use to create your designs? Photoshop and tablet?

Edwin Rhemrev said...

Gilles: That would be awesome indeed :P
Diego: The good old days panel is defenitly one of my favourites aswell, I put it in there to contrast the high end action scenes :)

BlueMuzzy: Ha, I'd love to see Incredible INC get build! And thanx for the kind words, appreciate it!

Cornelis: I can't believe you never heard of it! I have it on Blu-Ray and will bring it next time we come over and visit!

Wilbert: I would be honored! *fingers crossed*

PixelBuday: I wanted to go for 'family friendly michael bay' look if that makes any sense :P Glad you like it!

David: I made these in Photoshop with my Wacom cintiq 12WX, on a macbook 13'. I also have a small bamboo tablet which I use when working on location. :)

intergalactic said...

Mad skills buddy, ring, ring...who's that? Oh Brad Birds call you man!

Vinicius Barros said...

man......It´s amazing!!!
I liked the colors and compositions.
I think The Incredibles deserves a sequence!!
Nice works too

Anonymous said...

Awesome! They should hire you, man xD
Btw, this amazing brazilian website, named Animatoons, also told us about you ;D

robin_chyo said...

beautiful work! i'd love to see stuff like this on the big screen! :]

Stiven said...

hello! i liked your artwork, the quality is fantastic!

I once had an idea for a sequence of the incridibles, since you took the initiative, let me share it with you!

The plot begins with the family going to visit Grandma Parr's house. In a sinister conversation,
Grandpa Bob reveals a surprising secret: Bob has a brother he never knew.
This causes a great impact in the family and especially in Bob, and soon he decides to seek for his lost brother.

After going by his brother and finds him, he gets happy with the meeting.
Until something terrible happens. His brother is accused of a very
serious crime and must be arrested. The Mr. Incredible became nervous, but his brother
has pleaded innocent, and Mr.incridible believe it, and tries to prove his innocence.
But trying to protect his brother, he ends up having to face the police, and law, and even
his family instead of heroes. Putting him between what he believes and what he loves.

just an idea, to develop the most.

Sorry for the wrong english, I'm from Brazil.
and I'ma big fan of Pixar, and fan of your work.

thank you!

Nicholas Pavoni said...

This looks... "Incredible"! I'm going to post this all over the place. I also wanted to know if you would help me with a plot outline // some visual art for my concept album "The Ghost Within: The Tale of Turmoil".

Would love to chat, shoot me over an email.

Hope to hear from you soon!

natalie said...

thanks for the blog links. I really love this cartoon movie.graphic design maryborough

RSA Certificate said...

Two thumbs up for you Edwin! Great visual.

Anonymous said...

can you at least give a general idea of your script. it'll be easier to make a story to fit the pictures.